Hardy Zephrus Sintrix Fly Rods

The Hardy Zephrus Sintrix is a series of fly fishing rods produced by Hardy, a British company with a long history of producing quality fishing equipment. The Zephrus Sintrix series was first introduced in 2015 and was designed to be a high-performance range of fly rods for serious anglers. The rods feature Hardy's Sintrix technology, which is a combination of advanced materials and construction techniques that result in a lightweight, sensitive, and powerful rod.

The Hardy Zephrus Sintrix range has been well received by anglers and fishing media and has become a popular choice for those seeking top-performing fly rods. The range includes a variety of models for different types of fishing and angler preferences, including fast-water, saltwater, and all-around models. Hardy continues to produce and update the Zephrus Sintrix range, offering anglers a top-quality fly fishing experience.