Our Story

Fly rods are made to be used.

For over a century, buying a fly rod meant you kept it forever. Rods sat in your closet and collected dust until they were passed down to the next generation, broken, or simply antiquated. Trying the latest and greatest fly rods was something reserved for the few that could afford it.

Outfishers radical approach to fly fishing equipment is changing that.

We began buying and selling fly rods on eBay, sorting through estate sales, classified ads, and fly shop liquidations to find great fly rods with plenty of life left in them. 

As time passed, friends and family came to rely on our experience to help them choose their gear.

But anyone that's bought a fly rod on eBay, Facebook, or Craiglist knows its buyer beware.

Listings can be wrong, rods can be damaged, and there's no such thing as a warranty.

We set out to solve these problems and Outfishers was born.

Now, we're building the largest inventory of used fly rods anywhere.

We're focused on giving you the experience we want when buying a fly rod.

That starts with a 100+ point inspection on every single fly rod, detailed photos of our fly rods, and a transparent and honest condition rating of each fly rod.

If a fly rod passes our intake process, we stamp our approval on it with our industry-pioneering Certified Pre-Owned certification.

We back that up with 30-day returns, a guaranteed buyback subject to the terms and conditions of our program, and a one-year warranty.

No one else offers this in the fly fishing industry.

We're on a mission to change the way the world buys fly fishing equipment and we're happy to have you in our boat.