Outfishers Pre-Owned Fly Rod Warranty

Outfishers Warranty

Every rod we sell on Outfishers is covered by our one-year original-purchaser warranty against defects in workmanship or materials.

Your sales receipt or proof of purchase is required. No registration is required to activate the warranty. If you bought it here, we stand behind it. Our warranty is only for the individual that purchased the rod from Outfishers and is not transferable.

The Outfishers warranty is different from and not to be confused with the manufacturer's warranty. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all manufacturers warranties are void on used fly rods. All of the warranty information discussed here relates to the warranty Outfishers provides, NOT the manufacturer's warranty. Outfishers is not an authorized dealer of any manufacturer, is not associated with any manufacturer, and has no formal business relationship with any manufacturer.

Outfishers will inspect the rod and determine if the damage was a result of workmanship or material imperfections. If we determine the damage was the result of workmanship or material imperfections, we'll replace the product at no charge to you.

If we choose to replace your rod, we have the right to replace it with what we deem a comparable rod. Keep in mind, the color may be different or the model rod may be different from the rod you originally purchased.

Just so we're clear, normal wear and tear, neglect, damage from customization, modification, accidental or intentional damage, or lost or stolen parts are not covered by our warranty. Any custom work done to the rod invalidates the warranty.

Outfishers reserves the right to refuse service on any claim.

To begin a warranty claim send an email to with your order number and e-mail address used to purchase the rod.