Outfishers Partners: The Trade-In Program for Fly Shops

Get a instant quote from Outfishers for your customers trade-in. Give your customer immediate credit to your shop, ship the used gear off to Outfishers, and get paid. 

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How It Works

Your customers get new gear. You get a sale. We take the used gear. We hate clichés but it's a win-win-win.

Step 1:

Get a Price

Look up the value of the customers gear in our online Partners form. 

Step 2:

Credit the Customer 

Make the customer the offer for credit in your fly shop.

Step 3:

Ship and Get Paid Fast

 Ship the old rod or reel to Outfishers and get paid.

Want to talk about it? We'll give you a call.

"The biggest hurdle for fly fishers looking to buy a new rod or reel is freeing up cash. Since we started, we have been laser-focused on making the process of selling a used rod or reel as easy as possible."

Your customers want to upgrade to new gear but need to sell their old equipment first. You want to make a sale but have to haggle over price, photograph, sell, and ship their old gear. The process is a lot of work and rarely a key profit center for any fly shop.

Outfishers solves all of these problems. Outfishers Partners program allows you to focus on your core business, outsource this inefficient approach, and focus on selling new rods and reels.