Outfishers Guarantee.

You buy the rod from us and we'll buy it back anytime. Guaranteed.

Sell or Trade Your Gear

Outfishers Guarantee

We guarantee the acceptance of any rod purchased from Outfishers for the life of the product. The value you receive for your product decreases over time and is dependent on the condition of the gear at the time you trade it back to Outfishers. Sell or trade criteria, limitations, and conditions include that of our standard sell or trade program acceptances and the following:

  • The Guarantee applies only to Certified Pre-Owned fly rods purchased from Outfishers.
  • The fly rod cannot have any structural damage, like a broken tip or bent guide.
  • The fly rod must still have it's original paint, labels, and decals.
  • The fly rod must still have it's tube and sleeve.
  • The fly rod must be complete. It cannot be missing any components.
  • Payment or store credit for the fly rod will be issued after the fly rod has been received and inspected by Outfishers.
  • For more information, including important legal terms that apply to this program, please see our Terms of Service.