Hardy Zenith Sintrix Fly Rods

Hardy Zenith Sintrix is a range of high-performance fly fishing rods produced by Hardy, a British company that has been making fishing equipment since 1872. The Hardy Zenith Sintrix was introduced in 2016 and was the first rod range from Hardy to use Sintrix technology, which was developed to provide a strong, lightweight and highly responsive rod. The Sintrix technology involved a special resin system and a unique blank construction process that allowed Hardy to create rods with improved sensitivity, power and overall performance.

The Hardy Zenith Sintrix received positive reviews from anglers and fishing media and quickly became popular among fly fishers who sought a top-performing rod that was also well-balanced and comfortable to use. Hardy continues to produce and update the Zenith Sintrix range, offering a variety of models for different types of fishing and angler preferences.